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To have the best virus protection, you have to first understand a few things. Understanding a problem is half the solution. We start by identifying the threats to your PC. These threats are commonly known as VIRUS. Viruses are your PC's biggest enemy but they are not the only one; you've also got to remove MALWARE, ADWARE and SPYWARE along with having the best computer virus protection too. Let us understand these a little better.

Understanding Computer Virus Protection

To have the best virus protection in place, understanding a few things is essential. At Geekstree, we start by identifying the threats to your computer. These threats are commonly known as virus. Viruses are your computer's biggest enemy but they are not the only ones; you also have malware, adware and spyware.

  • Virus -Virus is often considered as bad computer software or as a malicious software code. These codes can damage your computer system, network and even the internet. They can cause downtime leading to data loss.  Having a robust virus protection setup is the only effective remedy against them.
  • Adware -Adware generally come as attachments with different software and gets downloaded and installed in your system without your knowledge. They make your computer slow and corrupt files.
  • Spyware -Spyware infests your system the same way as Adware. But they are more difficult to remove as it recreates itself and hides deep inside your hard drive. They can spy on your surfing habits; steal your banking and other personal data for illegal activities.
  • Malware -the short form for malicious software consists of programming (code, scripts, active content, and other software) that is designed to disrupt or deny operations of your personal or business computers. It gathers information that can lead to loss of privacy or exploitation. It gains unauthorized access to system resources, and utilizes it for other abusive behaviour.

The Route To Your Computer

There are several ways by which viruses can enter your COMPUTER if you have a weak computer virus protection setup. Some of the most common routes through which viruses infect your computer are:
Internet - while downloading free games, movies, codes, files, etc. from the internet there are chances that you may be installing a virus along with the free program. These programs contain spyware, adware and viruses that get automatically installed during download.
Email - With hundreds of mails in our inbox every day, we may miss out on mails that contain infected attachment. Malicious installations may occur while downloading these mails.

Other routes -There are several other ways through which viruses can attack your computer. It can be through greeting cards, pictures or sound files from a CD, DVD, USB drives, mobiles, etc. Being cautious of such malicious files can prevent virus infestation.

Analysing Your Computer For Virus

There are several ways which help you analyse whether your computer is infected or not.

  • Your computer starts running slow
  • Most programs and applications stop working properly
  • Your computer starts rebooting itself during operation
  • Your computer crashes and freezes at times
  • Screen displays unknown error messages
  • You are not able to access some of the disc files
  • You can't access task manager in windows
  • Menus and other dialogue boxes become malformed
  • Unknown icons appear on your computer screen
  • Your antivirus program gets uninstalled automatically

geekstree's Solutions

Market is flooded with free virus removal tools and software but most of them are not efficient and cannot compensate the human efforts required to resolve such threats. This is where our team of Microsoft certified technicians can help. Our experts who are available round the clock can provides services  such as complete removal of viruses; computer protection; and installation of latest antivirus and antispyware software for optimum virus protection.

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I would to thank you for the help i received today from your online technician Brat he was very helpful, efficient, polite and a very good mannerly person i cannot thank him enough and if i have any more problems would be more than glad to have him fix them.

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